Ferrous Castings

RSB manufactures Ferrous Castings as per customer design & specifications at its manufacturing plants located at Jamshedpur & Pune. It offers and supplies a wide range of products to leading OEM’s like Cummins.RSB completely manages the supply-chain from Castings procurement stage to the supplies and also conducts periodical supplier audits.

An in-house Quality Control has been ensuring high quality standards. The vast experience of the professionals and the expertise of RSB has been the key to manufacturing cost-effective and reliable Automobile Parts.


This is equipped with modern machining lines and robust process engineering to meet the quality and volume requirements. The machining lines are also equipped with various testing facilities to carry out in house test for cracks, hardness, metallurgical properties and leaks among others.

   Product Range & Specifications

Typical machined castings range from 1kg to 50kg and the current range includes the following:

  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Fly Wheel Housings
  • Clutch Housings
  • Main Bearing Cap
  • Hubs
  • Gear Box Cases
  • Oil Cooler Covers